Why do many Rich Men like to be engaged in Extramarital Affairs?
Posted by RichManDatingSite.com | June 21, 2017

extramarital affairsMost people get married when they are ready to make a lifetime commitment to their partner. But many of these people are unable to fulfill this lifetime commitment. Some of these people end up having extramarital affairs. Here, you will learn and know why many rich men like to be engaged in extramarital affairs.

  • Lack of Commitment
    There are certain people who may find it difficult to commit to one person. Sometimes when a person like this gets married it may be too difficult for them to commit to their spouse so they may find other people to have some extramarital affairs. There is a lack of communication in many of the marriages in which people have extramarital affairs.
  • Sex
    In some cases when a couple has been married for many years, their sex life may become boring. Sometimes a person may lose interest in sex. At this stage, sex is no longer fun, it becomes work and this person will try to avoid sex as much as possible. If their partner has a significantly higher sex drive than they do, their partner may have to find someone else to fulfill their sexual desires.
  • Work
    When a married person shows more commitment to their work than they do to their spouse, this can have a negative effect on their marriage. This person’s partner may feel as though they are no longer important and they may feel extremely lonely in the relationship so they may have an affair with someone who makes them feel special.
  • Physical Attraction
    We all change as we age. Sometimes a person who has been married for many years may lose interest in their partner because they are no longer physically attracted to them. If a person loses their hair, loses their teeth or gains some extra weight, their partner may no longer be interested in having an intimate relationship with them. So this person may feel as though they need an extramarital affair to fill that void.
  • Children
    There are many wealthy men who will stay in unhappy marriages because they would like to provide a stable home for their children. In most of these marriages, there is little or no intimacy in the relationship. Many of these people will have extramarital affairs in an effort to find the type of intimacy and love they no longer have in their marriage.

These are just some of the top reasons why rich men like to be engaged in extramarital affairs. While an affair might appear to be a convenient short-term solution to your problems, the wisest bet is to find ways to mend your marriage and get back into a loving relationship again. In most of the marriages where someone has an extramarital affair, there is a lack of communication. It is better for couples to be honest with each other rather than cheating and lying. Once the lines of communication are open both parties will be able to decide whether it would be best to save the marriage or terminate it.