26 years old model marrying 72 years old rich man for sex rather than money
Posted by RichManDatingSite.com | March 14, 2016

26 years old model marrying 72 years old rich man, one year ago, 70 years old multi-millionaire Jeffery fell in love and married with a 25 years old American female model Gabi after divorcing with his second wife. Gabi said he marry with Jeffery for his sex technique rather than for money.

Gabi is famous for going to various social occasions with tall, handsome male models. Although she can find a handsome boyfriend on her age, she finally chose to marry with 71 years old wealthy man Jeffery.

Jeffery is not only very rich, his private life is also very exciting. It is reported that Jeffery has had 2 marriage life. He marries with his first wife – Lynn. Unexpectedly, this marriage lasted only three years, it ended in divorce. The 66 years old Jeffery marries with a 25 years old fitness coach Britney on Nov, 2009. It’s said that he smashed $3,000,000 only for the wedding ceremony.

Some models exchange money at the expense of body. There are many cases of models acting like a prostitute and sleeping with wealthy men. People will not feel surprised since some people are willing to betray their bodies in exchange of money. The more famous and prettier the young model, the higher the price. Some models even sleep with rich men who are much older than herself for being not able to withstand the lure of money. The seemingly attractive price is possibly a trap. It’s very difficult to escape after you walk into the trap.

A 25 years old Brazilian model (it’s not convenient to mention her name here), once having launched the photo album, accepted the invitation of a “rich bachelor” to meet each other in a luxury hotel. This man tell her that she can get the reward of $ 15,000,0 as the first meeting gift for only drinking and chatting with him. She won’t need to provide sex service. This pretty young model had an amused conversation with the “millionaire single” but to our surprise that she was unconscious after drinking an unknown beverage. She didn’t regain the consciousness until 21:00. She found herself naked and her lower body ached strongly after wakening up. Her mobile phone (valued $6000) and $300 cash were lost. She suspected that she might have been drugged and raped, losing both money and chasteness. She seeks help from lobby security and ask lobby security to call the police.

What are the most important things for you? Money? Fame? Don’t lose yourself for the seek of money. There are something more important than money in life such as healthy body, good friends, happy family, nice children, etc. They can’t be bought by money. As a young, gorgeous model, you may have external advantage to lure the rich guys and earn money easily by accompanying them or even sleeping with them. However, have you ever thought that you will become old one day? Your beauty won’t last forever. Have you ever thought your future husband may mind your dishonorable past? Think twice what you really need.