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Date A Millionaire Review

Date A Millionaire, which is also recognized as a premier millionaire dating community, is a professional online dating site where only serves millionaires and people who want to date with them. Date A Millionaire focuses on the quality of relationship, like every site in this segment, the point of millionaire relationship is companion and the substance involved, people who are interested in this kind of relationship is looking for mutual benefits. Date A Millionaire provides tons of features which can be separated into many categories, to meet diverse needs of users and offer them the greatest dating service.

Joining only takes one minute, the free registration and instantly searches allow users to quickly get through thousands of millionaire singles’ profiles and find someone like minded. The fresh new profiles displayed on the site allow new users to browse many new profiles of Date A Millionaire and see clearly what are they looking for.

How much I have to cost to use Date A Millionaire?

Unlike other sites, Date A Millionaire provides users 3 day membership package as the minimum validity of subscriptions instead of just 1 month. See the detailed membership packages below:

  • $7.93 for 3 day premium membership subscription
  • $29.86 for 1 month premium subscription
  • $39.89 for 3 months premium subscription ($13.30 / month)

Most users of this site choose to upgrade their membership to fully access all amazing features and 3 day membership package allow new users to take a try to see if this site is the best one to get what they want just like, with the cheap price of this package just like a free trail plan for real millionaires.

What Makes Date A Millionaire Special?

To test the joining part of this site and see if scammers can also register easily like actual users, if you create an account randomly you’ll see the account has been closed immediately because of the in - home profile filtering system of the site. Date A Millionaire always takes a great deal of focus on filter scams and consider the honest and sincerity are the very first and most important thing in this kind of dating site. Your description while creating the profile will be verified, Date A Millionaire encourage new users to write themselves as they really are as reality is always the best way to attract serious mates.

Except this, Date A Millionaire also provides genius features to meet users’ needs such as:

  • Advanced Search. Instantly search others by quickly search their usernames or using more than 40 criteria.
  • Personal Dashboard. A personal dashboard made for every user is to provide the convenience that keeps track all users’ activities on Date A Millionaire.
  • Send flirts as a ‘like’ and let others know that you're interested in them.
  • Chat Room & Forum. Date A Millionaire builds a strong rapport with fellow users by allowing users to join the chat room or forum on the site to initiate a discussion to share the thoughts and opinions of themselves. Besides, users can also learn more about this site and others’ thinking here.
  • Rapid Match. Take a gamble by quickly choosing ‘yes’ or ‘no’ option to show whether you are interested in this user when you view the photo gallery.

Editor's Verdict:

Date A Millionaire is worth your time because of the really reasonable features and the option of 3 days membership package. We can tell that Date A Millionaire is not as visually appealing as Millionaire Match, Sugar Daddie or other sites where do good at designation, yet it is indeed offer their users many practical solutions to use the site.

If you are a real wealthy / established man or young women who is certainly clear that what you want. Date A Millionaire would be a good place for you. But if you are looking for a long term relationship or seeking for casual companion or leisure relationship you are recommended to just leave it.

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