How To Find Your Prince Charming
Posted by | July 20, 2016

real rich manWe've all been there, in one form or another; at work, making money slowly but surely, wondering when the clock will hit 5 o'clock so we can go home, in class, wondering if you could just meet a rich man already so you don't have to cram for a test, knowing your drive and work ethic are worth it in the end, but the question still arises in your head. We think about the movies and how the Cinderella meets Prince Charming and wonder what it will be like for us, when we will meet our man, and if maybe, just possibly, he will have a couple extra zeros in his bank account.

The question at hand is simple, but with a complex twist to it- how do you know if the man of your dreams is fake rich, really rich, fake poor, or actually as broke as he makes himself out to be? Do men really pretend to be poor, like we watch in movies all of the time, in order to find a woman who doesn't care about the finer things in life? Someone he can spoil with a good conscience?

In actuality, men who are truly rich have habits that are relatively easy to identify. If a man is throwing his money around carelessly, spending it lavishly the minute he takes you out and acting as if he needs validation, he probably isn't the richest man in the world. This over-excessive spending is often a surefire give-away that something is amiss and that not everything is as it seems.

For the most part, a lot of men that don't have money don't really know how to save it, because after years of careless spending and horrible investments, training yourself where to put your money for the smartest option is difficult. There's a good chance these men will live paycheck to paycheck, so while they might be able to keep the facade up right after payday, soon they won't have any money left to throw around. However, if a man makes an effort to save, lives relatively below his means, but doesn't stress at pricey dinners or lavish gives come the right time, he could truly be rich. A lot of men that are relatively broke try and act wild in order to make themselves appear to have a lot of wealth, when in actually, most people that have a fair amount of money would never blow it so stupidly.

Do guys really fake their wallet? According to a lot of women that have been through it before, they definitely do, and probably for good reason. Don't let any man know you are purposefully hunting for somebody that will be able to take care of you financially easily, because there is a term for that. Men like women who have goals and desires, so allow yourself to dream up what you want to do and chase it- and watch him fall for you in the process.