Not every woman is a gold digger
Posted by | April 18, 2016

It’s a social view that women only prefer gentle, successful rich men who spoil tem badly, never minding how they look. We can’t deny that many gorgeous or dressing up women living with wealthy men in exchanging of allowances.

On the contrary, you can never see young attractive women be with older, poor looked man if they can’t get money or other finer things as a reward. Actually many women can be independent. They have their own career or life experience. They are rich women. It’s not necessary for them to be partner with successful rich man if it’s not because of favorable impression or even true love.

Meanwhile, an older successful man will be judged as sexiest if they hire younger, attractive lady as his secretary. To our sadness, people always criticize those gold diggers as the same reason that is they want the material reward.

The argument always ignore a fact that women are keen on men’s protection. They are lack of security in such a materialistic society. Also they will be attracted by successful men’s fame.

I include 3 women from all walks of life. Some are currently popular celebrities, others are common people. Some are keen on people’s attention. Some just keep quiet. Their stories demonstrate another view that every women like wealthy and powerful man.

Case 1. Jason and Amanda Dufner

Jason and Amanda Dufner’s marriage is a typical example in the money-power- status playbook. Amanda marries with this successful sports man for developing her social media career.

Except for the huge amount of money Jason spent on Amanda while their marriage lasting, Amanda received a divorce compensation which most of people can’t earn in their life times. Amanda earn it in one single day!

Case 2. Flavio Briatore and Heidi Klum

Flavio Briatore and Heidi Klum are a couple who matches the “older man younger woman“ book well. They have one child and departed after being together for some years.

Definitely, Flavio have become confident since he has enjoyed many gorgeous, younger ladies. But if he’s a poor guy without money and social position, does his confidence play a role in most ladies’ eyes? And do you know the reason why Heidi chooses a millionaire single who is financially superior to her?

Case 3. Salman Rushdie and Padma Lakshmi

Salman Rushdie and Padma Lakshmi ‘s marriage and divorce prove that all women love wealth, power and social position. They prefer to marry with millionaire singles.

Salman Rushdie has dated with many younger, good-looking women. Padma is just one of them. However, would Salman be so attractive in women’s eyes without his literary reputation , fortune, and the social position he has accumulated?

These three cases prove that women looking for rich men is not only for money, but also for admiration of power and social position of wealthy men’s. They are keen on high social position, fortune and power in such a materialized society. So please be more comprehensive on the phenomenon of “women looking for rich men”.