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Luxy Review

Luxy is a mobile device app and a PC website active in millionaire dating field as well, whose square purpose is made exclusively for millionaires. It is said that 41% of wealthy members earn over 1 million annually and the figures are still rising. It's hard to know an actual number of the users on a dating site but Luxy gives all new customers good first impression and dazzles their eyes through designing the web-page beautifully. The color style of black mixed gold, with delicate dating scenes seems elegant and luxury.

Luxy has been dubbed as 'Tinder for snobs' by CNN, and you might seen Luxy on many famous brand media like ABC, CBS, Huffington Post, Business Insider and The New York Times, etc. And it has matched more than 1M millionaire singles, which makes them become the leading millionaire matchmaker app and currently most popular in app store.

What are the subscription options?

It’s free to register both on the app and the site. It’s easy to create an account. But the thing is unlike other millionaire dating sites/apps out there, free memberships on Luxy have to accept a vote from existing members. The whole progress of voting part takes about one day or less according to their profiles.

Luxy encourage new members to join Luxy BLACK club to upgrade the membership and enhance the experience, the site offer multiple subscription options, starting as low as $12.99/month.

  • $99.99 for 1 month Luxy BLACK (about $3.33 per day)
  • $239.99 for 3 month Luxy BLACK (about $79.99 / month)
  • $353.99 for 6 month Luxy BLACK (about $58.99 / month)

Moreover, there’s in-app purchase provided for members to access some additional features. To win exclusive and presents, people can find the way in app or buy themed gifts, take part in the competitions that hosted by Luxy app.

What does Luxy has to offer to members?

Luxy is a Tinder style app, swipe right to match wealthy singles around the world, and browse the list of members nearby for seeking millionaire just around you. The LookBook allows members to browse more profiles id they have swipe the day’s card quota. It means members have more rounds of cards each day so as they can meet more millionaires when they have free time. Besides, paying members can be match in LookBook.

Also Available on The Website

Topics - A forum provided for all members on Luxy, which can also attract new customers who view site the first time because all topics are post by members themselves and intuitively reflects members’ thoughts. Many questions here and you can even find other like-minded people in your area.

Moments - This feature allows members to feed photos of them, show their daily life. Other members can Like the picture or leave a comment just like Instagram. Besides, there’s an option that members can send virtual gifts (roses) to someone they like. Posting moments is a good way to boost profile and attract millionaire singles in Luxy.


Luxy does very well in press and design. A complete set of features meet diverse needs of members in the kind, and a reasonable pricing method is on the right track. However, there are also some needs for improvement, low update frequency of blogs, slightly cumbersome features like Love story are still having room to advance. There may be no need for all kinds of features been placed on site, leaving those only best and meet the purpose. Keep uploading the original posts on blog may better than gathering stories that hard for members to tell truth from illusion.

Generally, I still recommend this website because of the innovative features like Tinder - like Swipe Play part and voting part, add freshness and interest to the same old millionaire dating market. Moreover, if you feel the price is unacceptable, you may also think about the large number of high quality members on Luxy's website / app, the millionaire singles, you may feel actually they have already offered you the reasonable and cost - effective solution.

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