Why Rich People In The United States Are Keen On Philanthropy
Posted by RichManDatingSite.com | August 22, 2016

give money to otherWhile most of us are struggling just to get by, rich people in the United States tend to find themselves with a surplus of money to spend. Rich men tend to be very generous by nature, especially those who are self-made. Wealthy men know how hard life can be for the less fortunate and will do anything in their power to provide them with the financial assistance that they need.

Women who are in search of a millionaire matchmaker or a sugar daddy often find themselves wondering why rich people in the United States are keen on philanthropy. After all, isn't it much easier to simply spend your time jet setting around the world, driving luxury cars and enjoying the best of things?

Simply put, philanthropy provides wealthy men with the chance to give back to causes that truly touch their heart. Whether it is the school that gave them their start, the city from which they hail or a chosen charity, there is no feeling quite like the feeling you get from doing a good deed.

In today's social media obsessed society, people will often do good deeds and post evidence of them online, in hopes of receiving kudos from the world around them. This is the exact opposite of philanthropy and rich people who truly wish to help out tend to do so with no ulterior motive. In many instances, the recipients of their generosity are completely unaware of the source.

There are some wealthy men who participate in philanthropy as a means of lightening their tax burden. However, this is a cynical point of view to take when it comes to their motivations. The donor does experience a small form of tax relief in certain instances, but they are not enriching themselves by partaking in philanthropy.

Philanthropy does come with some unexpected benefits. Women who are in the process of pursuing a sugar daddy tend to view the wealthy man's generosity as a highly desirable trait. The stereotype of the rich man who spends all of his money on private jets and mansions is shattered in these instances.

The United States is often associated with opulence and wealth and outsiders who are looking in have been told stories about streets that are paved with gold and a land of endless opportunity. Rich people who actually live and work in the United States know that the reality of day to day life for most citizens is far different from this perception and will typically do everything that they can to help.

Some wealthy men were born with riches and while there are many who view self-made rich men as being more generous and far more likely to become a sugar daddy, those who inherit their wealth also tend to be very giving, as well. Inherited wealth can make a person feel as if they need to give back in order to truly feel like a contributing member of society.

Rich people in the United States give out of a sense of obligation, because they truly want to make a difference in the world. This is a quality that makes them highly attractive as a potential sugar daddy. There are some who believe that sugar babies are merely hanging out with wealthy men so that they can purchase designer handbags, name brand clothes and drive a nicer car than the rest of their friends.

On the contrary, sugar babies often find themselves attracted to a rich man who knows how to spread the wealth. Whether a person is rich or not, having a giving spirit is always going to be attractive to the opposite sex. No one wants to date someone who is greedy, selfish or short sighted about the impact that they can have on the world around them.

Tax breaks and personal gains are simply not the motivating factors that people assume them to be when it comes to the philanthropic behavior of rich men. For the most part, those who are keen on philanthropy are not in search of anything more than the satisfaction that comes with making a small personal sacrifice for the greater good of the world around them.

No one ever becomes rich by themselves and no one stays rich by themselves. Millionaire matchmaker sites excel at pairing the generous philanthropic types out there with their desired mates. Gone are the days when a sugar baby was considered to be a mere gold digger, a person who refuses to take care of themselves.

The modern sugar baby is socially aware, in tune with her surroundings and is enthralled with a wealthy man who knows how to share. She is not merely looking for a rich man to fund her needlessly extravagant lifestyle. She is looking for a rich man who knows how to use the money that he has accrued to provide assistance to those who cannot otherwise help themselves.

At the end of the day, isn't that what philanthropy is all about? Truly great deeds are done with zero expectation for personal gain and they are done to make the lives of others better. Rich people in the United States remain keen on philanthropy and while there are some who cannot understand why rich people are so giving, a sugar daddy is typically the sort of person whose generosity does not begin and end with the whims of their sugar baby.