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Seeking Millionaire Review

Seeking Millionaire is a leading wealthy people dating site, whose members seek out others with exceptional qualities. Over 5 million members on this site and it's said that only the most noteworthy singles are accepted, which seems less likely to make it, but still, people have indeed found mutually beneficial companionship here, according to the ratings and feedback.

The first sight of the website gets the positive impression on us. Concise navigation page and reasonable layout help users quickly navigate to the section they want to see. Moreover, Seeking Millionaire does well in media and have featured on massive brand press and media sites such as 'Best Airlines to Find a Millionaire' on Yahoo News, 'Best Cities to Find a Millionaire Husband' on The Huffington Post, and Play Boy, CNN, The New York Times, and so on.

Payment Options of Membership

Seeking Millionaire provides the new members with a limit trial, which means that you can get your free trial before you are sure that you want to purchase it.

In addition, there are standard membership and premium membership. The former one charges free yet the latter has three kinds of pricing methods:

  • 1 month for premium membership: $59.95 (about $2.00 per day)
  • 3 months for premium membership: $139.95 (about $1.56 per day)
  • 6 months for premium membership: $239.95 (about $1.33 per day)

What needs to be mentioned is that Seeking Millionaire provides free platinum membership to college students, as long as they register through their university email address that ends in edu. Free platinum membership is one of the site's attractive factors to gain a large number of college students.

Features on Seeking Millionaire

Giving you the opportunity to connect with thousands upon thousands amazing members based on the world's largest online dating community. No matter you are a new member or registered member on Seeking Millionaire you can easily browse the members' profiles of two properties, aspiring women and successful men of course.

What's the Difference Between Standard & Premium Membership?

Standard members can use all of basic features to search other standard or certified members, yet would be displayed as a standard member in others' searches. For women, they can at least add one public picture in their profiles, send others messages and winks to say hi; For men, they are not able to initiate a new message if they are standard members but still can receive them.

When you start out as a premium member you would be seen as a featured member on Seeking Millionaire. Premium members host a private album that can just share those they are interested in instead of make it public. Plus, premium members would be highlighted orange in every member's searches and be able to use advanced search except the basic features, which can evidently improve the success rate of finding a right company.

What’s Platinum Club Membership?

If wealthy men pay a significantly higher fee to become Platinum Club Member, they can receive more response from women on Seeking Millionaire.

Except including all the premium membership features, platinum members' profiles prominently displayed to all female members and there's an unique page of platinum club for female members if they want to browse platinum men only, because platinum members get their credentials verified by Seeking Millionaire and women would be encouraged to contact these more trusted members.

Editor's Verdict:

Seeking Millionaire is a good one for wealthy singles and young women who want to connect with them. But it cannot be recognized they got a bang for the buck because of the relatively high cost of premium membership. All millionaire dating sites offer their standard members many basic features for free, and the most competitive factor is the degree of match between the advanced features and the price to purchase a premium membership, a site where provide plenty of amazing features that be set according to the diverse needs of members with reasonable prices would be popular in this field.

All in all, Seeking Millionaire is extremely easy to use, with accessible features are detailed displayed in profiles so as members can quickly be sure that how the site works then manage all the features well. The search feature on Seeking Millionaire works well, which adds to the convenience for members to match each other and find out potential relationships.

Besides, this is the first millionaire dating site I've ever seen that offers the English and Spanish language support, and they even get an office in HongKong, China.

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