The differences and similarities between dating a sugar daddy and a millionaire
Posted by | May 04, 2016

If you’re looking into the world of rich men dating sites, then you should know the differences and similarities of millionaires and sugar daddies. Though some people believe they are one in the same, for dating purposes there are key differences.

First of all, millionaires and sugar daddies are the same in that they are gentlemen of wealth who are looking to spend time with women. They are used to a privileged lifestyle. Whether they inherited their wealth or they are self-made, they lead a lifestyle of luxury and abundance. Because of this, they are looking to expand their social lives and include a woman for companionship. Like most busy professionals they don’t necessarily have time to get out there and meet people on their own. They do the same things thousands of other singles do- they use the internet!

Now comes the differences between millionaires and sugar daddies. A sugar daddy is move business oriented. For example, a gentlemen needs a companion to go to a $10,000-per night gala and has his company find him a date. This is a sugar daddy. Or, a gentlemen needs a sophisticated date to a corporate event so his assistant reaches out to a dating site. This is also a sugar daddy.

On the other hand, if a wealthy gentleman is looking to find a relationship, then this is a millionaire. In general, millionaires are privileged men who are looking for a special romantic relationship with a woman looking for a high-end lifestyle. She must be cultured and sophisticated, but there also must be a fit of their personalities and life choices.

When considering what are the differences and similarities of millionaires and sugar daddies, just think of the result. Sugar daddies usually need a one-time situation and it is orchestrated by a third-party. It is temporary. Of course, it can develop into something else, but that is not the initial purpose. It is just to attend a specific event, or calendar of events, with the same wealthy man.

Millionaires fall more into the category of needing a sophisticated and cultured lady for an event, however personalities are taken into account. Usually a millionaire looking for a situation will spend some time doing personality tests. So will the women who are looking to meet up with him. The ultimate goal is to find some compatibility in personality that will maintain a long-term, or longer-term, association. Whether or not it develops into marriage is up to the couple, but the millionaire is trying to see where the relationship goes.

Whichever situation you are looking for, consider what your desired outcome is. Do you want a great companion to spend a few night with? Do you just want to be wined and dined? Or, are you looking for a wealthy man to start a relationship with? These will dictate whether you should be looking for a millionaire or a sugar daddy.