Top 10 youngest billionaires (not top 10 richest people) in the world
Posted by | March 04, 2016

They are young. They are rich. They are God’s beloved. They may not be the top 10 richest people in the world but they are the top 10 youngest billionaires in the world. Are you interested in knowing who they are and their success secrets? Read this article now.

Alvin Spiegel --- the youngest billionaire in the world, only 25

The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has always been recognized as the global youngest billionaire in previous years. However, he was replaced by Snapchat founder Irwin Spiegel this year.

Recently, the market capitalization of Snapchat photo sharing application has surpassed 10 billion US dollars, its founder Spiegel's net assets reached $ 1.5 billion, becoming the world's youngest billionaire, only 25 years old. Being similar with the start-up phase of facebook, Snapchat photo sharing application is also free, does not generate income. However, its revenue outlook and space is sufficient is sufficient enough to attract many investors to invest.

Top 1 Mark Zuckerberg --- the richest man of the youngest

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckberg has been ranked as the first. He owns $28.5 in the year of 30. His fortune make other billionaires awkward. Facebook has gone through 10 years and become a giant in internet industry. Facebook experienced difficulties in IPO in 2012. However, Zuckberg allow this company to fly after that. The stock price of facebook rose more than 130% in 2012, which makes Zuckerberg's net worth doubled.

Top 2 Huiyan, Yang – the woman ranked two in the youngest billionaires.

She is 33, owning $6.9 billion assets. It is reported that her assets inherited from her father. Her father is the chairman of real estate developer -- Country Garden. Her father transferred his share holdings to her before IPO. She owns most of the enterprise’s stock.

Top 3 Dustin Moskovitz

He is 31, owning $6.8 billion net worth. Moskowitz and his roommate Mark Zuckerberg, co-founded the social networking site "Facebook", he is also a Harvard dropout. Moskowitz left facebook with 5% stock and found a new software company Asana.

Top 4 Scott Duncan

Scott Duncan owns $6.3 billion and being ranked 4 in the rich man. He is one of the 4 children of energy pipeline tycoon Ducan and inherit huge amount of property from his father. His father Ducan is the richest man in Houston and died in 2010 at the age of 77. There was a one year period of estate tax exemption period in the time of his death, which enable the four children to inherit property without tax. Ducan is the richest bachelor in Texas with a long queue of young ladies behind him, waiting for marrying with her.

Top 5 Eduardo Saverin

Eduardo Saverin ranked 5. He is 32 years old, owning $ 4.1 net worth. He is the co-founder of the famous social networking site "Facebook". He departed with Mark.Zuckerberg due to a variety of reasons. He has 2% of facebook stock now.

Top 6 Albert. Von. Thorn

Germany princess Albert. Von. Thorn ranked 6 in the youngest billionaires. He owns $1.6 billion. He spend time by racing.

Top 7 Anton Carter

Anton Carter is 30 and owns $1.35 billion net worth. He’s the third generation president of Kathrein-Werke. It’s a Germany company. It’s the world's largest antenna manufacturer veteran. As a pioneer car antenna, the company's business is also involved in satellite, mobile phone, telephone, and other fields.

Top 8 Kaiting, Ji

She is a new comer whose name is known by few people. She is from Hongkong and owns $1.3 billion net worth. She inherit most of his father’s wealth in Dragon Optical.

Top 9 Fahd Hariri

Fahd Hariri is from Lebanon. His father is the former prime minister Rafik. Hariri who has been assassinated. He earned most of his fortune by himself. He owns $1.2 billion assets. It is reported that Fahd Hariri studied architecture in Paris, then start-up his own company in Paris.

Top 10 Andrew Houston

He’s 31 and owns $ 1 billion net worth. He has his own technology company. He is well-known Internet entrepreneur and the founder &CEO of Dropbox, which is a famous company in cloud storage industry. He has a lot of management experience and founded several companies before Dropbox.

It seems there’s lots of rich men in internet industry. Do you want to become a rich man? What you need are opportunity, dignity and luck.