Top 5 Cities for the Rich Single Men
Posted by | May 05, 2017

san franciscoLooking for a city to find rich single men? Have you been making a further research without a success? There are no worries as here are top 5 cities with rich single men. You will be able to meet your compatible for sure. You will also socialize with a man who can make you fall in love again. So, now let’s take a brief look at the places where you can find wealthy bachelors.

  • Austin, Texas. - This city has a large unmarried population for about 42.9% because of various college campuses. However, it goes beyond a big university town.
    When it comes to its healthy median income, it is up to $56,645. Like other highly industrialized cities out there, it has a low employment rate. Due to the availability of high-end companies such as Dell, IBM, AT&T, AND Apple, there is no doubt that Austin has rich single men. Therefore, your chance of meeting a rich man is really high.
  • Boston, Mass. - Austin, Texas is followed by Boston, Mass. having single population of 56.4%, the town has a romantic potential. It has $57,170 median income that can help you look for a date who can give all your needs. It has popular rooftop bars, Institute of Contemporary Art, and Newbury Street, which can complete your dating experience. When you have been waiting for one of those wealthy men, going to Boston, Mass. is an ideal decision you can ever make.
  • Seattle, Wash. - Next to Boston, Mass. is Seattle, Wash. Even though finding straight men is as hard as nail, the sizable single population is a big pool to go fishing. You will no longer have a difficult time finding your destiny. Not only that, Amazon as well as Microsoft have contributed a lot to residents. Most of them have been earning a higher income than a typical wage earner.
    That way, you have a high chance to spend on Seattle’s plethora or expensive and romantic activities. Many of its singles are strolling through the waterfront neighborhood in Belltown. Nightlife, and other leisure activities are accessible. As a matter of fact, the city is well-known for giant Jenga where you can find at the Pacific Science Center.
  • Washington, D.C. - Aside from that, Washington, D.C. is a place not to ignore. It has 57.1% single population and $69,632 healthy median income. Thus, meeting wealthy men will be hassle-free on your part. You and your date should go to H Street Country Club for a more special experience.
  • San Francisco, Calif. - Like other cities given, San Francisco has a bountiful median income that is up to $78,832. It also has 47.2% unmarried population. This is why finding wealthy men of your dreams will be a reality.

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